Youth Travel Soccer Sign Ups

Youth Travel Soccer Registration

Register your kids for the upcoming travel soccer season. The cost for registration is $60.00. The registration cost covers your child for the seasonal year (winter and spring).

** If your son/daughter was born between 2017 - 2021, you will need to register them for our BearCubs Youth Soccer Program.

Total ongoing costs are determined by the total team costs divided by the total number of players on the team. Some of the costs are training fees, uniform costs, league fees, tournament fees. Costs can vary depending on how many events your child participates in. The average cost is usually 50-100 per month depending on activities the team participates in and how many kids are registered per team.

Practice and Game Locations:

  • Most of our teams utilize the Airport Dome and Robinson Hill Bulldogs facility for our practices.
  • Practice times will vary depending on what team you are on.
  • Teams participate in different indoor and spring leagues in the area including the dome, Scranton and Ithaca, Broome County and Thruway Leagues.

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